How to Become a Client

1)  You must be a resident of Hancock County. Proof of residency  is required (ID card,  library card, lease agreement, bank statement, etc.).

2)  You must meet income guidelines found here on our CLIENT FORM.

3)  Come to the Food Pantry during our open FOOD DISTRIBUTION HOURS. HCFP personnel will enter your information into our computer.

4)  Once you’ve been entered into our computer system, you must sign the Eligibility certificate (using the Food Pantry’s IPAD) each time you receive food. The Eligibility Certificate form reflects the current gross income level necessary to be eligible to receive food based on the number of people in your household. ALL household income, from any source, taxable or non-taxable, must be used to calculate income level (examples: payroll, Social Security, child support, alimony, etc).  This form declares that you are aware of these eligibility rules and that based on that, you believe that you are eligible to receive food.   This electronic form is a legal document and making this declaration knowing that either point is untrue is considered FRAUD.

5) Each client household is eligible to shop in our Pantry twice every calendar month.